We have a well furnished and full fledged library. The spacious school library creates the right scenario for reading and assimilating knowledge and garnering information. It has an extensive range of books , periodicals, newspapers and journals . The students have facilities to utilize the study materials like refrence books, cd’s available in the library. Children are allowed to borrow books of their choice for a period of one week. This inculcates a love for reading in them.

No. of books available in the library

No. of periodicals:3
No. of weeklies:3
No. of dailies:4
No . of monthlies:5

Total No. of books (Subject wise)

1. English Literature-1000
2. Malayalam Literature-750
3. Hindi Literature-70
4. Biographies-150
5. General Knowledge-135
6. Encyclopedia-50
7. Spiritual-110
8. Syllabus Books-20
9. Dictionaries-20
10. Malayalam Essays/ Studies-55
11. Animated CD’s (Subjects & small stories, Rhymes)-70

Refrence Books (Subject wise)

1. English-70
2. Malayalam-20
3. Hindi-40
4. Social Science-70
5. Chemistry-50
6. Physics-50
7. Biology-50
8. Maths-60
9. Informatics Practices-10
10. Computer Science-10
11. Accountancy-10
12. Bussiness Studies-10
13. Economics-10

Text Books

Subjects Class Publisher
English I, II Asia
English III, IV Holy Faith
English V – VIII Mac Millan
English IX – XII NCERT
Hindi I – V Vidyarthi Publishers
Hindi VI – X NCERT
Malayalam I- VIII H&C
Malayalam IX – X Kerala Syllabus
Science I, II, V Asia
Science III, IV Holy Faith
Science VI – XII NCERT
Social Science I, II , V Asia
Social Science III, IV Holy Faith
Social Science VI – X NCERT
Mathematics I, II , V Asia
Mathematics III, IV Holy Faith
Mathematics VI -XII NCERT


We have excellent computer labs separately for the secondary and the senior secondary students and all the students are assured to have access to the computer.

Seniors - 2 Nos
Juniors - 2 Nos


(Computer Lab, Chemistry Lab, Bio Lab)

These serve the needs of the students at the senior secondary level and secondary level. They are spacious , modern and fully equipped.


• Dance
• Karatte
• Keyboard
• Art & Craft

The school nurtures the artistic talents in the children. We offer training to our students in various activities which include :-

• Two days in a week the students are given training in these activities. from any two of the above. The teachers grade them on the basis of the interest and aptitude shown by the students in each term.

• Apart from this, house wise competitions are conducted every year. The students who are selected in the inter-house competitions and the winners are sent for Sahodaya Competitions.


The school nurtures the talents of students in sports and games. Physical Education Teachers give continuous training in Football and in athletics.

The school celebrates the Sports Day every year


The other most important in the school calendar is the Annual Day. The school annual day showcases the histrionic talents of the children in various spheres. The toppers in class x and class xii board examinations are also honoured.


• St. Anns feast
• Investiture Ceremony
• Independenceday
• Teachers Day
• Onam
• Eid
• Sports Day
• Sargotsav
• Children’s day
• Christmas & NewYear
• Republic Day
• Annual Day


Transportation: The school Provides transportation facility to ensure safe journey of the Students. We provide Four School Buses.


Conveyance fee should be remitted at the school office. It varies according to the distance to various destinations and should be paid in advance before the 10th of each month. If for any reason, the school buses cannot be plied or if a student misses the bus, parents will have to make the necessary arrangements.

Bus No Stop No Stop Name
Bus 1 1 Pannikode
2 Kongad
3 Challikal
4 Bangalakunnu
5 Ezhakkad
6 9th mile
7 School Kunnu
8 Pudannur
9 Kappilipara
10 Poriyani
Bus 2 1 Sasthanagar
2 Akathethara Panchayat
3 Chitra Junction
4 Nss Engineering College
5 Athira Nagar
6 Ummini
7 Police Station
8 Railway Colony
9 Hemambika Nagar
Bus 3 1 Vadakantekadu
2 Velikkad
3 Challikad
4 Mylampully
5 Vadakampuram
6 Mundur
7 Railway Colony
8 Pudupariyaram
Bus 4 1 Chirakkalpadi
2 Thachampara
3 Ponnamkode
4 Karimba
5 Kalladikode
6 Sathramkavu
7 MLA Road
8 Mylamoully
9 Mundur


We provide Counselling and guidance services for the students.


We have a vast play ground.


We have well ventilated spacious airy classrooms with cupboards for bags and lunch boxes.


We have smart class to make the learning more effective.

School Announcement



begin on OCTOBER 10th

FOR X & XII - OCTOBER 10th to 14th
Other Classes - 10th to 22nd ( Alternate Days)
✅MARKS - I to V - 40
VI to IX & XI - 80
X & XII - 40

✅G.K & MORAL/CAT - 25 marks. Exams to be conducted in last week of September in class during the period.

✅COMPUTER Exam - 6th OCTOBER - 50 marks
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