St. Ann holds a prominent place among the saints of the Old Testament. She was chosen among the women of the whole world to be the Mother of the most blessed Virgin Mary and the grand mother of the Incarnate word. Her virtues and her holiness have raised her to the veneration of her life. The Holy Scripture keeps a mysterious silence over her life. The Roman Meenologium remembers her on the 26th of July.

St. Ann descended from the royal family of king David. She was brought up in the fear of the Lord, and served him joyfully. On coming of age, she was married to Joachim, a man of the tribe of Judah."Godliness" writes St. John Damascene, "Was the soul of their home; love, the tie oftheir hearts; devotion their rest; and diligence their order and help."Their mutual life was edifying. Their property was spent for God and the poor, and on the members of their household. aSt. Ann is the patron of various professions of life. She is especially honoured and implored as the patron of Christian mothers, to obtain through her, the blessings of God, on the up bringing and education of their children.

Hospices and Homes for the working girls and factory girls are very often put under the special protection of St. Ann. Because of her generosity, she is looked upon as the defender of the poor and helper in need, especially poor widows.

Christian art usually represents her as a venerable mother teaching holy scripture to the child Mary or instructing her in prayer. Such is also the way she is represented on the medal worn by the Sisters of the society of St. Ann.

Even her name, "Ann" signifies "grace and love", and typifies her sublime destiny. St. Ann is the great model of all in the married state and of those otherwise charged with the education of children.

A Sublime was her office in instructing this blessed child in virtue and holiness. St. Ann obtains many graces, priceless graces for all who venerate her. a St. Ann herself was a "vessel of grace", not in name alone, but in the possession, of those gifts with which God had endowed her to be the worthy Mother of the Virgin Mary.

Various devotions may be practiced on . It will greatly please St. Ann if on this day we assist at Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion in her honour and offer it to God in thanksgiving for .the prerogatives bestowed upon her.

There is also another simple way by which we may show our veneration for St. Ann. We are told that she was very charitable and gave alms freely. It will give her great joy if we give alms in her honour on Tuesdays.



Founder of the Society of the Sister of St. Ann, Luzern

Born: 12.09.1870 in Schoetz, Luzern, Switzerland

Died: 08.02.1912 in Luzern


Father Wilhelm Meyer was born on September 12, 1870 in thevillageSchoetz, in the picturesque district of Luzern. He grew up in a large family with twelve brothers and sisters in a farmhouse, in a true Christianatmosphere. As a young boy his ambition was to become an architect, and so he took interest in everything that might be useful for his future career.But the parish priest Fr. Roos, who knew the boy well, diverted hisaspirations to a different channel. "You should become a priest", he wastold. This seed took deep root in him. With his piety, intelligence, talents and his strong will power, he overcame all obstacles and reached this sublimegoal. On July 18, 1897, he was ordained a priest by Bishop Leonard Hass and became God's Architect, working to build the Kingdom of God.

He was first appointed as an assistant Parish priest in the village of Hitzkirch. Here he came in contact with the poor and suffering, through his visits to the Home for the Aged. His sympathy and understanding for theseold people, urged him to direct his future work towards the plight of the poor and the suffering. Soon he was appointed Vice Rector of the seminary inLuzern. In the seminary as professor of Theology and as Vice Rector, he did not limit his activities to its four walls; he kept alive his interest in all who were in burden and difficulty. Often the intellect of Fr. Meyer had been praised. Surely he possessed this, but more significant was thecompassionate heart he had for the people. His compassionate heart sensed the need of a mother at the time of childbirth. He recognized that there was an urgent need for trained and dedicated personnel, to care for the expectant mothers and their families especially during childbirth. Inthose days, strict rules about cloistered lives, had forbidden the religiouscongregations, from doing such work

Name of the school with address

i. E-mail
ii. Ph.No
PALAKKAD – 678594
e-mail - annspkd@gmail.com
Phone - 0491 2553326
Mob : 8943078501
Year of establishment of school 1999
Whether NOC from state obtained
i. NOC No.
ii. NOC issuing date
NOC From State
Is the school recognised, if yes By which authority Yes, CBSE
Status of affiliation
i. Affiliation No.
ii. Affiliation with Board since
iii. Extension of affiliation upto
Name of the Trust -
Name and official address of the manager -
Area of school campus i. In Acres : 2 Acres
ii In Sq.mtrs. : 28093.7128
iii. Built up area (sq.mtrs) : 75 sq.mtrs
iv. Area of playground in sq.mtrs. : 62.80
v. Other facilities
   i. Swimming pool : -
   ii.Indoor games : Yes
   iii.Dance Rooms : Yes
   iv. Gymnasium : -
   v.Music Rooms : Yes
   vi. Hostels : Nil
   vii. Health and Medical Check up : Yes
Details of fee structure
Class Amunt
I 17,600
II 1,6500
III 16,500
IV 17,250
V 17,250
VI 17,450
VII 17,450
VIII 18,250
IX 18,950
X 20,300
XI - SCIENCE 22,550
XI - COMMERCE 22,900
XII - SCIENCE 21,750
Transport Facility Own School buses
Mode of payment of salary
i. Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing :
ii.Through single cheque transfer advice :
iii.Individual cheque :
iv.Cash :

South Indian Bank
Library Facilities i. Size of the Library in sq.feet : 22 Linght, 50 Breadth (in feet)
ii. No. of periodicals : 10
iii. No. of Dailies : 4
iv. No. of Reference books class-wise : details below
Class English Science Social Maths Other
9 62 15 33 50 105
10 28 21 33 37  
11 20 Chem-15, Phy-29, Bio-12 0 7  
12 12 Chem-12, Phy-33, Bio-10 0 8  
v. No.of Magazine :05
vi. Others : 02
Name of the Grievance/redressal Officer with E-mail,Ph.No. Sr. Blaise
srblaise333@gmail.com, 9562724910
Member of Sexual Harassment committee Sr. Blaise
Academic session period From June to March
Vaccation Period From April to May
Admission period -
Total area of school in square metres 8093
Total area of playground in square metres 62
Total number of small sized rooms 10
Total number of large sized rooms 06
Total number of female rest room 03
No. of boys toilet 61
Number of wash rooms for female staff 02
Total number of Libraries 01
Total no. of playgrounds 02
Total number of rooms 64
Total number of male rest room 01
Total no. of washrooms for male staff 01
Number of Laboratories 04
Number of water purifiers/RO’s 06
Does the school has Fire Extinguishers Yes
Does the school has CCTV Cameras installed Yes
Total number of Computers in all Computer Lab 35
Does the school has a boundary wall Yes
Number of Auditoriums 02
Number of Digital class rooms 12
Is the school examination center of CBSE No
Is the school Wi-Fi enabled Yes
Does the school has Sports facility Yes
Total number of buses owned 04
Does the school has Fire Alarms Yes
Does the school has Indoor games facility Yes
Total numbers of drivers 04
Number of activity rooms 05

1 PRE KG 33
2 LKG (a,b,c,d) 139
3 UKG (a,b,c,d) 153
4 I (a,b,c,d) 180
5 II (a,b,c) 140
6 III (a,b,c) 146
7 IV (a,b,c) 153
8 V (a,b,c) 153
9 VI (a,b,c,d) 121
10 VII (a,b,c,d) 128
11 VIII (a,b,c) 104
12 IX (a,b) 86
13 X (a,b) 85
14 XI (a,b) 18
15 XII (a,b) 26
Total 1644

Number of Teaching Staff
Designation Total No.
Principal 1
Vice Principal 1
PGT 21
TGT 13
Health Wellness Teacher -
Librarian 1
Others 13

Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff / non-teaching staff
Total Emoluments
From Rs. To Rs.
Principal 22,000 42,000
Vice Principal 18,200 40,000
PGT 17,000 39,000
TGT 15,000 35,000
PRT 12,000 30,000
Counsellor - -
Librarian - -
Others 9,000 20,000


   •   A team of standard dedicated teachers.
   •   A Serene and beautiful campus with an exclusive play ground.
   •   Spacious and well aerated classrooms.
   •   Web cameras in the school to check mishappenings.
   •   Installation of Tata Class Edge [Smart Class from Classes KG-XII].
   •   Provision of well furnished Science and Computer laboratories.
   •   An excellent library
   •   Teaching of Communicative English.
   •   Provision of Co-curricular activities such as Yoga, Karate, Art & Craft,Classical Dance, Keyboard.
   •   Specialized coaching in Games and Sports.
   •   Counseling and Guidance to all students.
   •   Proficient transport system.


Holistic development of our students with sound intellectual, physical, psychological, emotional and moral maturity that will pave the way for a truly democratic, secular and equitable social order.


Striving for excellence in all aspects of education to form integrated persons who are conscious of their responsibility that they may build a just and humane world, being enlightened to dispel the shades of ignorance and brighten the world.

1. Dignity of Labour
2. Altruism and empathy
3. Universal Brotherhood
4. Eco-friendliness
5. God Consciousness
6. Ethical leadership
7. Intellectual excellence
8. Moral & social responsibility
9. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.


St. Ann’s Senior Secondary school is established, owned and administered by the Sister’s of the society of St. Ann. This school was the dream of the Southern Province of the Society.

The school had a humble beginning in 17th June , 1999 with 28 students. At present our school boasts of an imposing number of almost 1700 students and 90 staff.

The basic objective of the institution is to facilitate all round, balanced, standard sound, scientific and moral growth, assisting students to grow into integrated personalities and responsible citizens.

• Serene & beautiful campus
•  Extended play ground .
•  Spacious classrooms.
•  Dedicated & committed faculty
•  Well-furnished library, science labs& computer lab.
•  Co-curricular activities-skating, karate, dance, yoga, instrumental music.
•  Scouts & Guides
•  Digital classes facilitating learning process.
•  Voice mail 7 SMS facility
•  Counselling & guidance
•  Transportation facility.
•  Regular contests & competitions.


•  Responsibility
•  Punctuality
•  Obedience
•  Discipline
•  Diligence


•  Admission is purely on merit. Issue of Registration form is not a guarantee for admission.
•  School fee once paid will not be refunded.


•  Filled in Application form
•  Copy of birth certificate
•  Passport size photo.

School Announcement


UKG Graduation ceremony will be conducted on 21st March 2020 ... More...